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about me

I’m currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, having previously lived in Paris, Biarritz, the West of Ireland and London.

But to begin at the beginning, I was born in Pembroke, Wales and grew up in the Mumbles on the edge of Gower, although I have lived mostly elsewhere, that is where I’m from. My photo-journalistic career began in earnest in the 2000’s when I was asked to shoot a travel story in Spain for Marie Claire’s French edition. I shot pictures for them for several years, covering stories in Paris and shooting reportage from around the world. But perhaps the seeds were really sown much in the 70’s, in New York city, where I assisted some of the industry’s finest photographers working for Sports illustrated.

At the time I was studying painting at Chelsea School of Art before going on to Corsham and a career as a painter followed. I have shown throughout Europe, including exhibitions in galleries from Brussels to Barcelona and Munich to Milan. I have been shortlisted for the John Moore’s painting prize and was artist in residence to the city of Munich and my work can be found in important collections, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland’s. Painting is about matter, a visual "thing" and how you see it, while the primary function of photography is narrative. Now, here in Amsterdam, I am attempting to braid these two threads, the object and the subject, together.

Shooting pictures can sometimes sharpen the senses to hyper-sensibility like big wave surfing, (the main reason I lived in both Ireland and Biarritz). Given a ticket to the other side of the world knowing you have come back with good pictures, come back with the story, can bring that on… a cocktail of fear and excitement. And like big wave surfing that has to be tempered with cold calculation.

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Nick Gammon
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Eerste van Swindenstraat, 571
1093LC Amsterdam
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